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Fast Friends: The Cookout
The Cookout is a supplement for Fast Friends, my one page RPG of fast cars and found families.


Genius Northwest: HOUSE REDEMPTION
Our third weekend-long immersive competition weekend inspired by the Korean reality show The Genius.
Unity Extensions
A collection of open-source utilities and libraries for developing games in Unity.
Twindle is a head-to-head variant of Josh Wardle’s popular puzzle game Wordle, based on a modified ruleset proposed by my friend Matthew Moore. Twindle is a heavily modified version of the React Wordle codebase developed by Hannah Park and Chase Wackerfuss.
Genius Northwest: HOUSE REUNION
Our second weekend-long immersive competition weekend inspired by the Korean reality show The Genius.


Mulligan Stew
Tabletop In Development Pitching
Mulligan Stew is a card-matching and light bluffing game for 2-5 players where you play as workers in the royal kitchen, competing to prepare the best stews for each member of the royal family by matching the cards in your hand with each royal’s preferred stew ingredients.
Fast Friends
Fast Friends is a one page, one shot RPG of fast cars and found families for 3-5 players and one GM.
The Outer Rim
The Outer Rim is the second entry in my series of video chat murder mysteries made using Twine. It is the sequel to The Great Northwest Baking Show.


Songs About Us
Songs About Us is a one-shot RPG I wrote about music and the friends we shared it with.
The Great Northwest Baking Show
The Great Northwest Baking Show is a murdery mystery party that I designed in 2020 for a friend’s birthday party. The game is played socially-distanced over video chat and makes use of a custom website built in Twine to allow the players to explore the digital crime scene.
Genius Northwest: HOUSE RULES
A weekend-long immersive competition weekend inspired by the Korean reality show The Genius.


Deckard is a Unity-based layout tool for card game prototyping, built for game designers who are already familiar with Unity’s built-in Canvas components.
Pack of Spies
Tabletop In Development Pitching
Pack of Spies is a spy-themed card placement game for 2-5 players where you try to build sets of agent cards to take over various regions of the world. The trick is that you are loyal to two spy agencies, and you share one of those loyalties with each of the players on your left and right.
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dice
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dice (DD&D for short) is a micro-RPG about TV chefs. I wrote it for the 2019 200 Word RPG Challenge, in which it was selected as a finalist.


The Witch's Cottage
The Witch’s Cottage is a miniature escape room that I built for a friend’s Halloween party in October 2018. It was designed to be played by one to two players at a time and to take around twenty minutes to complete in order to allow everyone at the party to try it out over the course of the evening.


Highpocracy is a stoner comedy podcast that I co-hosted with my friend Ryan Anderson. In the show, we play two stoner siblings who have taken it upon themselves to solve all of the world’s problems via the mind-expanding powers of marijuana.
Hop Shots
Tabletop Signed
Hop Shots is a tabletop game of positional strategy and hand management that I designed between 2017 and 2018. Players take on the role of frogs competing to collect sets of bugs and flowers from a board of randomly dealt lily pad tiles.


Pretentious Game Ideas
Pretentious Game Ideas is a monthly-ish game design podcast I hosted with my friends Rob Giusti and Ryan Anderson. We started the podcast in 2016 as an excuse to engage in regular deep-dive conversations about game design among ourselves.


Tabletop Self-Published Released
Skulldug! is a pulp adventure-themed exploration board game. Players take on the role of adventurers searching for treasure in the treacherous depths of an uncharted cave. You take turns discovering squares of the board by drawing from a deck of terrain cards.


The Spirit of Giving
Tabletop Released
The Spirit of Giving is a card game that I designed for a game jam in December 2013 that is played with a traditional 52-card deck and a stack of Post-It notes.