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Genius Northwest: HOUSE REDEMPTION


Genius Northwest is a series of weekend-long immersive tabletop gaming events inspired by the Korean reality show The Genius.

Genius Northwest events are intense, weekend-long gaming competitions that test their contestant’s instinct, cunning, and their ability to form – or undermine – strong alliances. Each competition is a mixture of large format main matches and tense, one-on-one deathmatch rounds to determine who gets eliminated from the tournament. Our events combine the best elements of tabletop gaming and reality television to create a dramatic and engrossing experience unlike any other.

I co-produce Genius Northwest with several friends as a way to indulge both our obsession with the show and my increasing interest in immersive and event-based experiences. Among other things, I co-design the games and metastructure of the competition, create various gameplay assets and pieces of promotional art, construct our A/V setup and any interactive tech needs, and help organize the food and venue.

HOUSE REDEMPTION was the third Genius Northwest event. It ran over the weekend of October 8-10, 2022. We only had five months to prepare for this event after running our previous event in May, and so much of the structure was the same as in HOUSE REUNION. However, we made sure to come up with around a dozen new games for our contestants, along with a significantly more complex set of puzzles that could be solved over the course of the weekend.

You can learn more about Genius Northwest at its official site.