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Tabletop In Development Pitching

Grandstand is a fast-playing, two player spatial card game evocative of classic card games but with a puzzly modern twist. Build a 5x5 grid of cards, then score the poker hands formed within the grid. One player scores for rows and one player scores for columns, and only the strongest example of each hand scores. Balance hand strength and hand variety to score big — but make sure you don’t accidentally give your opponent the cards they need to beat you!

I had the idea for Grandstand while reading through David Parlett’s excellent Oxford Guide to Card Games. This in-depth history of European and American card games introduced me to several historical styles of game that feel under-explored in modern times. Grandstand is my attempt to mash together a lot of those classic ideas into a game that feels fresh and modern, yet still deeply informed by the grand tradition of card games that came before it.

If you’re interested in learning more about Grandstand, you can check out the following links:

I am currently pitching Grandstand to publishers. If you are a publisher and you’d like to discuss the possibility of publishing Grandstand, shoot me an email!