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I love a good roleplaying game – the act of collaboratively telling a story with friends is one of life’s great joys. One-shot and other short form RPGs really take that to the next level, with a variety of themes and a focus of intent that you don’t see in more mainstream, campaign-based RPGs. While I love playing other people’s one-shot RPGs, as a designer, I obviously had to take a couple stabs at writing my own as well.


Fast Friends
Fast Friends is a one page, one shot RPG of fast cars and found families for 3-5 players and one GM.


Songs About Us
Songs About Us is a one-shot RPG I wrote about music and the friends we shared it with.


Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dice
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dice (DD&D for short) is a micro-RPG about TV chefs. I wrote it for the 2019 200 Word RPG Challenge, in which it was selected as a finalist.