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The Outer Rim


For decades, fans of the blockbuster Star Fights film franchise have wished that they could step inside the world of their favorite movies. At the Outer Rim region of the Dizzyland California theme park, that wish has finally been granted.

Visitors to the Outer Rim are transported to the backwater jungle planet of Battooine, currently gripped in the deadly throes of a galactic civil war. Shop for out-of-this-world keepsakes at Unkar’s Antiquity Market, grab a refreshing drink at Lolo’s Cantina, and even take a joyride in in the Centennial Kestrel, the most iconic spaceship in all of Hollywood, all while interacting the most immersive cast of characters of any theme park in the world.

With its enticing combination of adventure, nostalgia, and a fistful of plasma bolts, the Outer Rim is sure to excite and delight guests at Dizzyland California for decades to come.

At least, that was the hope. As of this morning, the Outer Rim may have put the park’s entire reputation is at risk, due to the discovery of that most heinous of crimes… murder!

The Outer Rim is the second entry in my series of video chat murder mysteries made using Twine. It is the sequel to The Great Northwest Baking Show.

Instructions for running The Outer Rim are available on Github.

Header image from Unsplash.