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Pollution is back with a vengeance, and only you, your friends, a high-powered arsenal, and a vast supply of tetraminoes can blast mankind back from the brink of extinction.

Tetramayhem: Drop Blocks and Four Smoking Barrels is a cooperative action-platformer with a twist: the players are constantly under siege from the mutated forces of The Swarm and must build up their defenses by dropping tetramino-shaped fortifications from the sky. Match like-colored blocks to gain access to an assortment of devastating weaponry and heal the dying planet.

Tetramayhem was designed for Xbox 360 using the XNA framework and Farseer Physics library. I performed concept, design, animation, and graphics, gameplay, and physics programming duties on the project. A PC beta build is available for download here. One to four USB controllers (wired Xbox 360 controllers preferred) are required to play.