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Space Hops

Tabletop Released

Space Hops is a tabletop game of positional strategy and hand management where players must hop their ship between planets trying to collect the most space junk. I designed it primarily between 2017 and 2018, Yellow Cab Games signed the game in 2021, and it was ultimately released in 2023.

To quote Yellow Cab’s official description of the game:

You’re a space junker in the YCG System, where a strange phenomenon is taking over every corner of the galaxy: planets are disappearing only to be replaced by asteroids! Hop between planets, collide with other ships, and avoid solar flares to make it out of the asteroid fields. Collect the most space junk to win!

Each turn you play one of your four movement cards to hop your ship onto a new tile, and then you collect the tile you hopped off of to add it to your tableau. Watch out! If another player hops onto your new tile before your next turn, they’ll bump you off of it and get to claim it for themselves.Plus, you can’t pick up your spent movement cards until you only have one left, forcing you to plan your route carefully if you’re going to land on – and not get tackled off of – the tiles you need to complete your sets!

As the game reaches its climax, collected tiles become replaced by worthless meteors. Will you be able to snag the last few planet tiles and propel yourself to victory, or will you get knocked onto a meteor as your opponents leave your score in the dust? You’ll have to play to find out!

Space Hops is available for purchase from Yellow Cab Games.