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Tabletop Self-Published Released

Skulldug! is a pulp adventure-themed exploration board game. Players take on the role of adventurers searching for treasure in the treacherous depths of an uncharted cave. You take turns discovering squares of the board by drawing from a deck of terrain cards. Each space is populated with various equipment, monster, and treasure cards, so tread carefully! That next passage could be piled to the ceiling with treasure, but it could just as easily be hiding two bear traps and the deadly Basilisk…

Of course, why do all the hard work yourself when you could let your friends do it for you? Lay a snare trap to make another player drop all their items, drop a fishing line into their pocket to snag a treasure, or just drug them with a well-placed gas grenade… the choice is yours! But watch out, as every treasure is protected by a unique curse. Even when you have enough treasure to win, you might be too weak to make it back to the entrance alive.

Featuring over 100 different terrain, hazard, and item cards, every game of Skulldug! is unique. The cave you explore will be unlike any other, the equipment you discover will drastically change the abilities available to you, and there’s no predicting your fellow players will choose to do.

I co-designed Skulldug! with Brian Kopleck over two years, and we successfully brought the game to market via Kickstarter in 2015.

Learn more about the game or order a copy from the official website.