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Blood in the Summertime


I spent the early months of 2012 writing a play, a dark homage to the farces of Wodehouse by way of a murder mystery and the Lovecraftian occult. The roaring twenties are approaching their twilight years, and wide-eyed socialite Montgomery Chippentater is drawn to the country by a summons from an old friend, sexual conquistador turned village priest Smitty Smithson. But even the simplest week’s drunk retreat can turn sour when mixed with an alcoholic baroness, a plot to win a lady’s love, a bloody midnight sacrifice, and several ounces of gunpowder.

Blood in the Summertime was performed three times over the weekend of June 3, 2012 as part of UC Santa Cruz’s yearly Chautauqua festival of student film and theater. The show was directed by David Murakami (who also took the photo above), stage managed by Andie Prahbu, and starred in by, from left to right, Cheska Bacaltos, Lily Sorenson, Mekkin Roff, Jacob Vanderville, Brandon Barnes, and Anthony Aguilar.

You can read the full script online for free here.