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Asterogue is a mobile brawler that combines procedural dungeons with an innovative gesture-based combat system. As you progress through the game’s 3 distinct worlds, you collect an arsenal of procedurally-generated weapons and abilities that are dropped by your foes. However, new weapons are only permanently saved if you safely return to your ship without dying, forcing players to choose between progressing further into the dungeon or stashing their loot for the next run.

Each type of weapon maps to a distinct gesture on the touchscreen — swipe up on an enemy to punch them into the air, then tap on them to riddle them with bullets before they land. With fast, technical combat oriented around well-timed dodges and large, damage-multiplying combos, Asterogue provides some of the most intense action on mobile devices.

I built Asterogue for my senior student project at UC Santa Cruz as part of a team of 12 developers. In my role as the lead developer on the project, I pitched the original concept, built several core gameplay and rendering systems, and managed the project tasking and schedule over its 6 month development timeline.

Asterogue was released on iOS and Android in June 2013. Unfortunately, it is now out of date and is no longer available on either platform.