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I first heard about Ramiro Corbetta's abstract soccer game Hokra eighteen months ago, and I was wowed by how effective the combination of simple, classic gameplay and local multiplayer seemed. After getting to play a round or two at Hokra's corner of Indiecade's showcase at E3 2012, I decided I had to share this game with my friends.

These were the days before Sportsfriends, though, so I hatched the idea to write my own clone to play with friends. In fact, after playing Hokra at E3, I realized that I had misunderstood its scoring mechanic from the original videos. The grids of colored squares that constituted the goal zones had suggested a Breakout-style destruction mechanic to me, when the real game treats them more as king of the hill-style touchdown zones. With this difference to guide my design, I felt like I had enough reason to set about writing my own version of the sports title.

One 24-hour game jam and a few late nights later, and I'm ready to unleash my sloppy, sparse clone upon the world. I give you... Hokranoid!!

Please report any bugs to me. Thanks and enjoy!