Escape from Violence Island

A Flash experiment in intelligent antagonism

Escape From Violence Island was my final project for UC Santa Cruz’s Game AI class. Given the freedom to pick our own project, my team decided to focus on creating a single, intelligent AI opponent that would approximate the experience of playing against a real human. To that end we created Violence Island, a simple deathmatch shooter that pits the player against a single AI enemy in a series of fights to the death. As the player progresses the AI will become smarter, naturally and non-disruptively increasing the difficulty of the matches.

Escape From Violence Island was created by Ryan Anderson, Rob Giusti, Adam Wardell, and myself. I performed design and art duties on the project and implemented elements of the AI’s tactics and path planning. The game was developed using Flixel for distribution online via Adobe Flash.

You can play Escape From Violence Island online right here!