The Spirit of Giving

A holiday card game of presents and pride


A procedural action-roguelike for iOS and Android


A local multiplayer soccer game for all of your friends

Escape from Violence Island

A Flash experiment in intelligent antagonism

RACE! Engine

A simple OpenGL game engine

OldFort Unreal map

A fast-paced team deathmatch map

Drop Ball Kinect

A lude motion sport for cartoon exercise enthusiasts

Blood in the Summertime

A pastoral comedy of love and Lovecraft

Snakeman Tries His Best

A web game of well-intentioned failure


A four-player cooperative arcade shooter for Xbox 360

Interior Mapping Shader

A fast shader for quickly approximating building geometry


A meditative art game for Windows PCs


A game of deception for three players in HTML5


A reflective puzzle-platformer for Windows PCs